About me

In a word? Technolohippyreneur. Expanded, that would be musician, writer, programmer, and startup entrepreneur.


  • 1993 - Born a Leo.
  • 2000 - Enter Norfolk Academy and begin a lifetime of pursuing the Greek ideal: cultivating mind, body, soul, and universality.
  • 2012, Spring - Graduate Norfolk Academy as Valedictorian, and snag the annual speech award as well. You can read my valedictory address here, and my other speech here.
  • 2012, Fall - Attend the University of Texas at Austin for three semesters with an Engineering Honors scholarship and dual major in Computer Science and Mathematics, completing about 70% of my credits to graduation.
  • 2013, Fall - Vagabond. Drop out and begin a year of counter-culture lifestyle: backpacking, couchsurfing, and volunteering on farms and homesteads across 14 different countries.
  • 2014, Fall - Sabbatical. Spend the winter in the Outer Banks with my brother and begin teaching myself music, writing, and full stack web development.
  • 2015, Summer - Technologist and entrepreneur. Co-found BeatGig as CTO and help raise a $750,000 seed stage to build a music marketplace that ends up featuring world-class performing artists (and partnering with the world's biggest talent agencies). On the side I'm composing, recording, and producing folk/art/psychedelic rock for good fun.
  • 2019, Summer - Sabbatical. Exit BeatGig and begin a summer of meditation, reading, learning, and philosophizing.
  • 2019, Fall - Travel. Spend almost two months on road trip with my brother.
  • 2019, Winter - Sabbatical. Shift my focus to research and development.