What I'm doing now

For the first time in about five years (since we lived in the Outer Banks), my brother and I have ample time to spend together, which for the last few weeks has taken the shape of an extended road/surf trip through Western Europe (mostly France). He just finished his PhD thesis on marine engineering at Ghent University, and I just left my company, which coincindentally means our paths began and ended at about the same pace.

So in early September we packed most of his belongings into a Ford Focus hatchback, tied a bike and boards around the shell, and rode off into the sunset from Ghent, Belgium for the coast of France. After a quick stopover in Normandy, so far we've spent 10 days or so in Brittany, where we hiked for three days while the ocean was flat and then bunkered down for about a week while the ocean was blown-out and stormy before giving up and heading to Basque country near Saint-Jean-de-Luz for a few days of damn fine cliffside waves, weather, and camping.

Right now we've pushed a little further north for more wilderness and beach breaks (Cap de L'Homy, St. Girons, Soorts-Hossegor) but pretty soon we'll be joining friends for another round of Basque country, and after a few weeks of that I have a ticket back to Newark. Maybe we'll stop by the Quicksilver Pro before we get there.

Updated: October 2

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